Through future value innovation, the organization will be
the center of the 4th Industrial Revolution,
and will lead economic development in Daejeon Metropolitan City.

This is SangRock BAE,
CEO of Business and Employment Agency of Daejeon

Hello, Thank you very much for visiting our homepage.

We have established the ONE STOP SERVICE system to support small and medium sized venture companies and small business owners in one place, including the money, technology, labor force, information and sales needs. In addition, the organization has implemented diverse projects through the Employment Support Center to create jobs and boost employment, and has committed to creating a virtuous business ecosystem by operating a team dedicated to supporting young entrepreneurs to promote youth start-ups and create a foundation.

With the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Daejeon will become the Special City for 4th Industrial Revolution in South Korea. In response, Business and Employment Agency of Daejeon will lead the way as a central organization for the establishment of the 4th Industrial Revolution Special City through future value innovation. The past 22 years of our history have been made possible by the presence of small and medium sized venture entrepreneurs and small business owners leading the local economy and community. The future of Business and Employment Agency of Daejeon will also be with many small and medium sized venture entrepreneurs and small business owners in Daejeon. We will always listen to you as a companion and give you unstinting support to grow up together. We will appreciate your interest and support.

Thank you.

An institution leading the economic development in Daejeon as a central institution for the creation of a special city for the Fourth Industrial Revolution through future value innovation



Together U Win Business and Employment Agency
of Daejeon 2022+

"A comprehensive support institution that grows with local SMEs"


Core Value (3C)

  • Customer
  • Co-win
  • Co-win

Mid-to long-term management objectives

  • Creating high-quality jobs and promoting employment
  • Supporting Business Growth Phase-by-Size
  • Expanding the search for new businesses to create future value
  • Building management system based on social values

Promotional Strategy

  • Building a foundation for future value creation
  • Strengthen Support for SMEs
  • Strengthen professionalism in project implementation
  • Reinforcement of virtuous cycle management

Strategic Tasks

    • Discovering challenges and strengthening collaboration to create social value
    • Performance analysis of support projects
    • Drive future growth strategic challenges
    • Strengthen the expansion of domestic and foreign market development support projects
    • Enhancement of customized start-ups and corporate support
    • Strengthen support for the economy of the working class
    • Reinforcement of the expertise in project planning
    • Strengthen the discovery of new profitable businesses
    • Creating Industry-Academic Cooperation Network
    • Strengthen efficient organization and personnel operations
    • Improvement of work efficiency and ethical management
    • Strengthen expertise and secure financial stability

Management Policy
(3 Focus on)

Operation of the institution to
realize social value

  • Focus on Customer Impressions
  • Focus on Creation Outcome
  • Focus on Professional Talent


  • 2000's
    • 2021. 4. 9.Daejeon Business Agency ➟ Business and Employment Agency of Daejeon (Name Change)
    • 2015. 7. 1.Extension Reorganization
    • 2012. 3. 5.Business and Employment Agency of Daejeon
    • 2011. 8. 24.Transfer of 소상공인지원센터 to Small and Medium Business Adminstration
    • 2010. 5. 18.Opening of Daejeon Employment Support Center
    • 2008. 4. 1.Transfer of 대전지식재산센터 to Daejeon Technopark
    • 2006. 1. 1.Consignment of the Small Commerce and Industry Sector Support Center (Centers for the northern and southern regions)
    • 2003. 11. 6.Opening of 기업지원종합민원실
    • 2003. 6. 25.Opening of Seoul branch of 대덕밸리벤처
    • 2000. 1. 6.Opening of TJ Mart
  • 1990's
    • 1999. 2. 1.Opening of the Venture Town 다산관(장영실관 ‘01. 1. 18.)
    • 1998. 10. 28.Opening of (재)대전광역시중소기업종합지원센터
    • 1995. 6. 20.License to establish the corporate body (Registration of Establishment : ‘95. 7. 11.)


  • CEO
    • Strategic Management Department
      • Strategic Management Team
      • Management Support Team
    • Job Support Department
      • Daejeon Job Support Center
        • Hope Card TF
      • Millennials Support Team
      • Midlife Support Center
    • Business Support Department
      • Corporate Growth Support Team
      • Startup Supporting Team
      • Corporate Infrastructure Team
      • Small Business Support Center
      • Small public Specialized support center
    • Marketing & Business Support Department
      • Marketing Support Team
      • Tech-Business Support Team



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(34111) Daejeon-gu Sangbuk-ro 96 (Jangdong)